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Find the best possible Texas car insurance rates

This is a one-stop site to find the best possible Texas car insurance rates. Remember, when you buy car insurance, you cannot buy across state lines. If you live in Texas, you can only buy from a Texan insurer.

This site offers you a free service to contact all the Texas car insurance companies to find the quotes offering the lowest possible rates. Use this site and lock in those savings!


Texas car insurance consumer bill of rights »

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has produced a formal document setting out your rights as a consumer. These rights are not written into your policy, but exist alongside it. When you buy a Texas car insurance policy, the insurer is obliged to send you a copy of the Consumer Bill of Rights. Make sure you keep it and, in the event of problems, it will help you deal with the insurer.

Texas car insurance quotes and how they are calculated »

When you are in the market to buy a vehicle, never forget to add in the price of your Texas car insurance. It's a major part of your annual running costs. To help you understand how to get the best value, here's a quick explanation of how the car insurance quotes are calculated.